Gator Nurses Make a Difference Through Law

Learn how four Gator Nurses earned their law degree to become attorneys and help people on a larger scale.

By: Anna Hoffman

Righting the wrongs

Claudeth Henry Claudeth Henry
“Professor Irving didn’t laugh at me or tell me it was ridiculous. She only asked, ‘What’s stopping you?’"
— Claudeth Henry

Blazing a trail for women in law

Kathleen Touby Kathleen Touby

Being an advocate for advocates

Grace Morse-McNelis Grace Morse-McNelis
“We always say, ‘Once a nurse, always a nurse. Even though I don’t have an active nursing license, I can still use what I learned in the BSN program."
— Grace Morse-McNelis

Remaining calm in the chaos

Mark Egner Mark Egner