Gator Nursing Students ‘Think Like a Scientist’ to Support Community Organizations

Learn how the newest generation of nurses rose to the challenge for the Gator Good.

By: Kyle Chambers
. Zoe Sherman, Sallie Shipman, Laura Shen, Julie Ng, Michaela Chua and Allison Peters snap a photo at the stadium vaccination clinic.

Feeding the Future

Food Insecurity Among Elementary School Children

. Charlene Bovill (left) drops donations off to Lakeland Christian School.

Turning the Page

COVID-19 Leading to Ineffective Health Maintenance

COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Training

. From left to right: Danielle Jordan, Addison Winjum, Alexis Mendes, Julie Snow and Gabby Perez during a day at the vaccination clinic.

Skills to the Test

Empowering Alz’s Place and Reducing Caregiver Role Strain Through Community Outreach

Supporting Diabetes-Induced Neuropathy Innovations Through Precision Health with a Novel Dorsal Root

. Kylie House (left) and Connor Hazellief
. Team members LeeAnn Hewitt (left) and Lilyanna Mancuso