Social Justice Steering Committee Aims to Dismantle Structural Racism and Discrimination

The steering committee is focusing on a framework that includes awareness, building capacity and actions.

Jeanne-Stacciarini Jeanne-Maire Stacciarini, PhD, RN, FAAN, (center) with Social Justice Steering Committee member Kayla Elliott (left) and post-doctoral associate Dany Fanfan (right). Note: This image was taken prior to national guidelines of face coverings and physical distancing.

Social Justice Steering Committee strategies:

  1. Promote positive and productive relationships among students, faculty and staff toward understanding racial health inequities and anti-racism practices

  2. Educate the college on the negative impact of social injustices, racism and discrimination for addressing structural racism in the curriculum, research and service

  3. Build a shared framework for conversations around race, diversity, inclusivity, equity, gender identities and different abilities

  4. Advocate for research that support nuances of intersectional equity frameworks