Gator Nurse Gatherings

This summer, Gator Nurses have gathered to network, and catch up with friends both old and new.

By Anna Suggs Hoffman

Tallahassee, Atlanta & New York City

Dean Anna McDaniel alongside UF College of Nursing alumna and FSU College of Nursing Dean Judith McFetridge-Durdle. Anna Suggs Hoffman
Tallahassee Gator Nurse Lunch: (L-R) Patricia Kitchen (B.S.N. 1967), Melissa Inglese (B.S.N. 2001, M.S.N. 2002, Ph.D. 2008), McDaniel, McFetridge-Durdle (Ph.D. 1991), Terri Repasky (B.S.N. 1979). Anna Suggs Hoffman
Atlanta Gator Nurse Gathering: (L-R) Sara Pullen Guercio (B.S.N. 2013), Dana Sutherland (B.S.N. 2013), Irving, Carol Steiner (B.S.N. 1967), Casey Vera (B.S.N. 2009) and Snider. Anna Suggs Hoffman
NYC Gator Nurse Gathering: (L-R) Angela Godwin (B.S.N. 2004), Kara Mercer (B.S.N. 2013), Durward Rackleff (B.S.N. 2011), Danielle Hart (B.S.N. 2006, M.S.N. 2007), Mindi Mattheus (B.S.N. 2008), Shawn Lamb (B.S.N. 2008), Snider, Pat Tischler (B.S.N. 1980) and Irving. Anna Suggs Hoffman